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Annette Ebbinghaus, ASCA certified therapist who practices Sophrology and other physical body treatments

Annette is the Founder of trulyBalance that is dedicated to helping you balance your physical, mental, emotional and inner self. She is organising courses, workshops, coaching, and various wellness treatments to help you on your personal path to success.

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Margaret Curran, Cognitive Behavior Therapiest

Margaret is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with over 20 years' experience in providing therapy and training services to individuals, groups and organisations

She helps people to change their lives by altering the negative thinking patterns that can be so destructive and debilitating. Her style is direct and factual but with an underlying understanding and compassion for the human condition.

Margaret has a proven record in affecting change with clients of all ages and with a variety of issues and challenges. She is now based in the Vaud region of Switzerland. 

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Manuela Bolton, Creator and Coach who is passionate about helping individuals and families flourish.

Manuela has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and multiple certificates in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuroscience. She also created Feeling Magnets, My Feelings Box and Feeling Bodies - tangible tools to help develop our Emotional Intelligence.

She is doing emotional coaching, running courses and clubs. She specialises in working with kids and parents.

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Lynda Heffernan, Behaviourist / Behavioural Change Coach, NLP Coach

Lynda is  trained in various disciplines of psychotherapy, psychology, Eriksonnien Hypnosis and an NLP Coach. One of her approaches to managing stress is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, à medical approach to stress management. Her approach to therapy and coaching is: Psychology SPSS. Simple Practical Secular Self-full. When she is not engrossed in behavioral science, Aikido or rugby... she is the solo Mum to two teenagers with ASD. Her talk will explore her SPSS of stress management for parents with special needs children.

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Paul Baptie, Certified HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor, Autism Specialist

Paul provides an assessment  and design a HANDLE programme that helps an individual nervous system be more organised and 'fit'. Contact information: Czech Republic, 00420 721628550;

Laurie C. Gaudimier, PhD in Biomedicine - Founder of "Cabinet Coalescence" & Lecturer at Geneva University

Laurie offers a novel stress management method based on the fusion of body and mind therapies. She is a practitioner of neurofeedback therapy, which helps to regulate and normalise brain waves and improve's one's ability to focus and concentrate. Contact details:

Gemma Calzada, Holistic Nutritionist B.S. & Certified GAPS Practitioner, Accredited by ASCA

Gemma provides nutritional consultations in order to help people identify the origin of their disease and address it through the finding of food that contributes to their specific well-being. Her mission is to help people suffering from food intolerances to live happily. Contact details:

Kerry Fugard, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Owner of "Nutri 360."

Kerry assists people on their journey to health and well-being through personalised nutrition and functional medicine. Contact details:;

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