July 04, 2017


The summer holidays are here and, of course, many of us are getting ready to have some fun, relax and meet lots of interesting people. However, for families with children with autism, summer can be a particularly challenging time. Keeping children on the spectrum busy and entertained during the holidays can be exhausting, expensive and stressful. As one mother said to me: “I wish my son’s school would work all year around without any holidays”. So, how can you make your holiday less stressful and more enjoyable? And what is an easy way for you to make the most of your time together and keep your child on the spectrum learning and further developing their skills? Here are my five tips for an AUTISM-FRIENDLY SUMMER.

June 20, 2017

How Nutrigenomics Can Help Your Child With Autism – A Solution For Parents!

Today I came across this devastating message from a mother of a child with autism: “I am very confused. My non-verbal son did something very strange, he insisted that I touch him! I am terrified that somebody is sexually abusing my son! I’m terrified and extremely lost in what to do. Please help. WHAT DO I DO?!?!!!”
This is just another of the many cries for help from a concerned mother of a non-verbal child on the spectrum. It is a cry from a parent who truly worries about her son. However, what is especially frustrating is that this desperate situation is actually very common in families with children with autism. Even verbal and high functioning children  can be very vulnerable in our “mean” society because they are open and naïve. So, how can children with autism be helped in this situation? How can parents be less anxious about the safety of their loved ones? The only answer is to help these children improve their symptoms as much as possible, so that they have a better chance of integrating into society and taking care of themselves!

May 31, 2017

HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL – The Solution For Parents Of A Child With ASD

Have you ever thought about how children with autism are actually the best teachers for all of us? They are very sensitive to many of the harmful substances and elements around us and manifest their negative reactions to them very clearly. For instance, they try to isolate themselves from the noisy and polluted environment, full of chemicals and toxins. They often develop picky eating as their digestive system is sensitive to many different foods leading them to look for comforting and rewarding substances like sugary products.  They immediately run away from unnecessary communication and activities that they do not enjoy doing and preserve their energy for necessary and enjoyable things.

May 15, 2017

HOW TO SAVE MONEY and HELP YOUR CHILD WITH AUTISM EFFECTIVELY. Mind-opening strategy for parents of children with autism.

Do you know how much money parents spend when they have a child with autism? Of course, it is very difficult to give an exact amount, as each situation is very different, but it is clear that such families with a child with autism have much more financial pressure to provide their little loved one with adequate support. Back in 2014, a study was published in the American magazine “JAMA Paediatrics” that suggested THE TOTAL LIFETIME COST OF SUPPORTING AN INDIVIDUAL WITH AN ASD IN THE US IS $1.4 MILLION. And this number increases significantly if the person is also intellectually disabled; to a sum of up to $2.4 million. These are serious expenses! At the same time, due to any number of reasons, families with autistic children generally earn approximately 28% less than families with non-autistic children. Can you relate to this situation? However, these astronomical sums can be greatly reduced! Would you like to know how? Let’s explore.

April 27, 2017

How to Help Children with Regressive Autism!

In my last blog, I shared two wonderful real stories of children who recovered from autism.  I told you about two mothers who managed to help their kids overcome lots of problems and recover from autism completely. But did you notice that both of these cases were about regressive autism? Are you aware that up to 30% of all autistic children have this specific type of autism? And this number keeps on growing! So, what exactly is regressive autism and how can we help children with this type of autism?

April 12, 2017


Are you aware that 1 in 50 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and that the number of children affected keeps increasing with a 10% annual growth, making Autism the fastest growing neurodevelopmental condition? Is this not astonishing? However, what is even more striking is the fact that AUTISM IS A REVERSIBLE CONDITION. We do not know the exact statistics, but about 10% of children recover from ASD! And this is fantastic!

March 30, 2017

7 Energy Restoring Tips for Exhausted Mothers of Children with Autism

How often do you hear mothers of children with autism saying things like: “I am so exhausted because my son is having such a hard time with his behaviour”, “I had a very rough night with my husband losing his temper and my children crying”, “I am emotionally tired and physically drained”? Probably very often! Such expressions are very common among parents of children with autism. And, of course, there is no surprise here! Parents face never ending challenges, worries, chronic stress and lack of sleep. They take their kids to endless therapy sessions, doctors, schools, teachers, assessments and evaluations! They simply do not have the time to recharge their own “batteries”, to think about their own health and their personal needs! Therefore, it is no surprise that these mothers are simply exhausted and chronically tired. Are you one of them?

March 16, 2017

Where Does Autism Recovery Begin? A Message to All the Anxious Mothers of Children with Autism

Recently I read this mother’s very touching words: “My child is very loved, but as a mother I get drained from the fight. I fight for him daily to be the best he can be.  Autism isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. It’s rough and I have no doubt we will make it. I am his N1 supporter.” Every time I come across a message similar to this, my heart beats a little bit faster! I really feel for these mothers who are trying their best, day and night, to support their children. This is never an easy process, but when your child has autism, it is much, much more challenging. And it is even more demanding if the parent in question has more than one child!  It is a tough position to be in and not all parents are able to handle such circumstances. In many cases, mothers go through everything completely alone, accumulating exhaustion, tremendous stress and chronic fatigue while trying to be, and do, their best for their dearest child ...

February 26, 2017

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE ANSWER TO WHY YOUR CHILD ISN’T SLEEPING? 3 Tips for Mothers of Children with Autism to Help their Little Ones Get a Better Night’s Sleep

How quiet and peaceful is your sleep? Do you manage to get quality rest during the night time? If you are a mother of a child with autism, then it is very likely that your answer to these questions will be negative! 80% of children with ASD have sleep problems and this, of course, effects the whole family and especially the mothers. These sleepless, restless nights when your child can not sleep for a long time or when even during sleep he is constantly moving and kicking, can easily drive you crazy. Have you been through this type of frustration? ...

February 07, 2017

DO YOU DREAM OF A MELTDOWN FREE DAY? Three Steps for Mothers of Children with Autism to Achieve this Dream

As a mother of a child with autism, how often do you witness your child experiencing an outburst where he shouts, screams and cries or where he kicks, bites and lashes out or maybe even everything at once? What comes to mind when your child reaches the point where you can no longer control his behaviour? Are you afraid of him hurting himself or somebody else? Are you scared that he might run away? Are you terrified that your little loved one will be sent away from school or even arrested because of such violent unpredictable behaviour? How confident are you when you look into the future of your dearest child and when you see that he is becoming more stubborn and more aggressive with age because his hormonal changes and physical development are adding up to heighten any already existing problems? Are you emotionally drained ? Then this article is for you! ...

January 22, 2017

The 3 Key Points for Mothers of Autistic Children to Succeed in the Dietary Programme

By now, you will have probably come across the nutritional and dietary approach to autism., It has been in the media many times recently and you may have seen articles such as, “The miracle that cured my son’s autism in our kitchen” or “Autism recovery with the GAPS diet: one mother’s story”. As a mother of a child with autism, what do you think when you see articles like these? Interesting? Impossible? Nonsense? Another garbage? What flashes through your overwhelmed brain? When you are drained and tired from dealing with your special child 24/7, when you are overwhelmed from visiting different specialists and trying different techniques that may work but by no means dramatically improve the situation ...

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