Group Programme for Parents

START: 25th April 2018

This 3 month programme is for parents who want to help their children boost their ability to focus, their concentration and their learning capacity at school.  Nowadays, many children struggle in stressful academic environments where the pressure and expectations are incredibly demanding, but the individual support is very limited. Parents who would like to provide their children with long-lasting support will find this programme very beneficial!


Imagine that your smart but very sensitive, somewhat disorganised and easily disrupted, child is instead very focused and motivated in class and at home! Imagine them not losing their belongings and finishing their homework quickly and doing well in tests at school. Picture your child with ADHD or ADS in a few years’ time, successfully finishing school with good grades and with the developed ability to communicate and integrate into society.

It is well known, that lifestyle and nutrition play an enormous role in brain function. However, it is very difficult to modify eating habits, especially if your child has a tendency for picky eating. Which food can be pro-inflammatory and hazardous to our little ones? Which nutrients are beneficial for a healthy brain and a clear thinking process? Does each child require certain supplements? 

This programme is designed to work in SMALL groups (up to 10 people) and will help parents to learn and implement the art of personalised nutrition:

     - how to deal with picky eaters effectively

     - what, when and how to eat to provide the brain with a maximum energy level

     - how and why food can cause a “leaky brain” and a slow thinking process

     - how to eliminate toxins form the brain and improve its functioning

     - how to train the brain to be effective and organised


This programme has already helped many children and your child could be one of them!


“It works! There are clear steps and stages to follow and everything is based on good food practice. We have all benefitted from changing our diet”. – Evelyn


“This program really works if you follow the instructions carefully and are willing to change.” – Leticia


“I really liked the detailed assessment at the start. I often went back to that document within the first weeks. Was a very good guideline for me.” - Rebeka


Prior to the programme:

Each participant will complete a questionnaire to provide relevant information to assess the individual biochemical imbalances.

Each participant will receive a report with personal recommendations and a 3-month action plan​

During the programme:

The group meets 4 times (1st introductory meeting, then once per month). 2 hrs meetings will take place in Lausanne or Geneva

Group Skype or Zoom 1.0 hrs call once a week to discuss progress, achievements, questions

24/7 private FB forum and WhatsApp group to share any questions, successes, doubts or concerns

Each participant sets up a personal goal for the week and works towards it


Each participant receives a portfolio with practical tools and materials.


25% discount for a private consultation with Irina Schurov

25% discount for follow up Group Programme


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