Bio-individual DNA Nourishing Program 

This programme is designed to nourish, support and reboot both body and brain function on a DNA level! 

It is based on the following simple, but critical, principles. Only when you understand them, believe in them and apply them in your life, can success be guaranteed. These principles are:

  • Food is the building material of our bodies and minds.

We can not perform properly if we eat rubbish food full of chemicals and toxins, which is why it is vital to provide our body with the maximum variety, and the best quality, of food. Once the body is supplied with better materials, it will start performing much better!

  • There is no "one diet".

We are all very individual and there are many factors that play a role in establishing our unique biochemical and metabolic set up. You can not simply go ahead and blindly copy any protocol or piece of advice available to you online or in a book. You must always first understand what the food you eat is doing to your body specifically.

  • Only real food can deliver the right combination of the right ingredients to serve and heal the human body.

Of course, some medication and supplements may be necessary along the way as additional support for your healing body, but only for a certain period of time. They are not a replacement real food and any long-term use of these products will cause further imbalance in the body.

          3 Steps Bio - Individual             DNA Nourishing Programme

3 STEPS Programme 

1. Detoxification 

This step is based on eliminating unnecessary toxicity factors from surrounding environment including food, drink, personal care products and household chemicals. More specific irritants that cause harmful additional inflammation in the body can be identified by easy to do Food Intolerance Test. Food ingredients that cause intolerances need to be avoided for achieving better detoxification and lowering level of inflammation.

3. NutrigenomicsStep                                                                                                                                                                                                             

This stage provides individual support based on conducted analyses and on your specific understanding of how nutrients from food and supplements interact with your particular DNA. Today's modern scientific approaches allow us to:

       -    Identify specific genetic weaknesses and particularities which affect the way   

            natural products are seen, handled and utilised by your body

       -    Search for imbalances in nutritional genetic pathways caused by certain mutations

       -    Design a bypass for such mutations by utilising combinations of nutrients to 

            restore proper pathway functions

This step allows us to determine an effective “personalised nutrition” guidance system for you specifically, in order to then achieve the best results in the reparation and support of the body and brain.


2.  Nutritional Rebalance 

This step is based on specific dietary needs, circumstances and test results. It is necessary in order to properly address the many different biochemical and functional imbalances in the body and is absolutely essential in order to shift one's cellular appetite towards accepting healthy, real food. This will then provide the energy and resources for further healing and recovery that the body will conduct naturally by itself. A bio-individual dietary protocol is based on the implementation of life style changes, on adjusting one's diet, introducing diverse nutritionally rich food and taking basic supplementation. It allows to:                                                                                                                                                          

        -    Heal the gut and restore the gut's microflora

        -    Boost body detoxification

        -    Reduce oxidative stress

        -    Support the immune system

        -    Reduce inflammation in the body and brain

        -    Restoring nutritional balance