Evelyn Mudie

"The program works! There are clear steps and stages to follow and everything is based on good food practice. Processed food out, healthy food in. And it was a joy to discover fermented foods and to find how easy they were to make at home. I continue to be impressed at the progress David is making. At home and at school, we are all noticing how his communication is improving, to say nothing of how exciting it is to see him willingly try new food. If I had been told at the start of this process that he would eat half the things he now does, I would have found it very hard to believe and yet, the other evening, he tried raw tuna. How amazing!"

Rebeka Johnson

"I was so amazed by the additional positive outcomes from the program I have never dreamed of!!! 

So in short… I got back so much from it…much more that I thought I would at the beginning. I also enjoy having more in depth knowledge about topics around diet. I enjoyed the coaching style, which was very friendly. The communication side was very easy going and open, but was always very intense in terms of knew knowledge. One more…I really liked the detailed assessment at the start. I often went back to that document within the first weeks. Was a very good guideline for me. Another one…the holistic approach. I can’t express enough how happy I am with all the changes we have been through. Our lives vastly improved!!!!!"

Laetitia Alonso

"This program really works if you follow the instructions carefully and are willing to change. The coaching style is very personal and Irina’s personality is the perfect combination of someone who understands the issue but shows incredible empathy in taking you through this transition period. I had the feeling that Irina adjusted herself to our level of communication which was a great balance with providing nutritional information and practical tips on how to tackle our challenges. Irina also met our children and got to see how they respond to what we offer and how we do it. She was able to provide insight into children psychology and provided valuable tips on how we can do little adjustments so that everybody in the family enjoyed this experience which for me was the key to this whole program. I would like to thank you again Irina. It was a great experience for me personally and for my whole family."

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